Our Story

At Brandt Meats, we serve you our best… Everyday!

For more than 65 years, Brandt Meats has been proudly creating artisan quality deli meats in the European tradition. It all started in 1958 when Gerhard and Ida Brandt began crafting their traditional sausages and deli meat products in Canada.

Quality is the first consideration of families when they choose their deli meats. As a family business, we make this a priority! Our quality is embedded in our traditional, time tested recipes. We use only the finest ingredients and take pride in the way we make our products. While our delicious recipes may go back for generations, our processing practices are modern and stringent.

Our great selection of deli products, our detail to customer service and our commitment to quality assurance are all part of Brandt family tradition of caring about what we do. We believe that you have to enjoy serving customers to do it as well as we do for over 65 years.

Producing deli products from handwritten recipes, handed down from generation to generation and the commitment to our customers, became the foundation of our first Brandt Meats deli storefront. Those values remain the foundation of our business today.

At Brandt Meats, we put the “Deli” in Delicious™