Mini Framers Sausage Wreath


2 pkg of Crescent Rolls,
16 Brandt Farmers Mini Sausages,
7 bay or holly leaves,
1 red pepper, rinsed


Preheat oven to 350˚F. Open and unroll the crescent rolls. Divide into squares and split each square into 4 triangles. Wrap each of the Brandt Mini Farmers sausages with a triangle of crescent roll dough. Place the wrapped Brandt Mini Farmers sausages onto a non-stick cookie sheet and bake. Leave a ½” space between the sausages as the dough will expand. Once the crescent rolls are baked place them in a wreath shape on your favourite serving surface. Core the red pepper and cut in half. Cut two long strips for the bottom of the bow and two thicker strips for the bow sides. Use a small piece for the center of the bow. Arrange the watercress or parsley around the wreath. Serve immediately. Season Greetings.