Cooked All Beef Salami

nutrition facts This classic cold cut is traditionally seasoned for a mild but flavourful taste. Made using only 100% beef.

All Veal Lyoner Sausage

nutrition facts Made using only veal this classic cold cut is perfectly seasoned for a mild tasty flavour.

Beerwurst Sausage

nutrition facts Well spiced with mustard seeds and a hint of garlic. An old Bavarian classic.

Summer Sausage

nutrition facts A classic sandwich favorite. A mildly seasoned cooked sausage.

Estonian Cooked Salami

nutrition facts A fully cooked and smoked salami. Known for it's 'flower' shape. A great addition to any deli tray or mini appetizer skewers.

Jagdwurst Sausage

nutrition facts A mild but flavorful cold cut. Great for sandwiches.

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