The Brandt Story

Gerhardt Brandt | Brandt Meat Packers, Mississauga Born in Europe, he followed in his father's and grandfather's footsteps by becoming a true sausage maker and butcher. Gerhard learned his trade in Europe and immigrated to Canada in 1956.

By August 1958, now a master in his trade, he started his meat and delicatessen business with his wife Ida, on Dundas Street West in Toronto, Ontario. Gerhard Brandt's belief, that only the best meats and spices were good enough for his customers led to his success. His sausages, salamis and hams were produced to old European recipes handed down from grandfather to father to son.

Gerhard's belief in Quality and Service to his customers lives on...

Today, at Brandt's modern European Sausage Plant in Mississauga, Ontario, Mrs. Ida Brandt, her partners and over 100 employees carry on Gerhard's dedication to Quality, Service and Excellence. Over 120 different sausage, salami and ham products are produced by Brandt. Although modern technology and machinery make many processes easier, Brandt still believes that there is no substitute for traditional values, resulting in Quality and Service.

Brandt's high standard of Quality and Excellent Taste have been recognized in International Judging. Brandt sausages, salamis and hams have won numerous Gold Medals at International Trade Competitions.

At Brandt the Tradition of Quality and Good Taste continues...